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I absolutely love every part of this work -  if I had to pick, I guess my favorite phase of the process is drawing.   For me, the drawing is when it is the most exciting. The possibilities are still limitless and not burdened by the realities of budget, manpower, and time. 

I've drawn and painted for as long as I can remember.  Art was the only subject that truly held my interest in school.  As an undergrad I studied sculpture and worked in wood and metal - a lot of experiments based on the human figure.  I eventually became preoccupied with what the sculpture would "wear," and started working in costume shops to improve my sewing skills. I'm forever grateful to Jill Andrews and Baltimore Center Stage for introducing me to design for theater.  It was as an intern at Center Stage that I could finally conceive of a future in the arts that didn't mean being isolated in a studio. Or starving.  Theater is a collaborative form where you can work with directors with vision,  playwrights, designers, actors, tailors, dancers, puppeteers, carpenters...I guess I'm more suited to their company than a blank canvas. 



Occasional day player in the studio de Jane Greenwood


Greeting his public on Bastille Day.

Studio assistant and '80s haute couture connoisseur.  Penchant for all things je ne sais quois.

We wonder if he thinks he is a cat, or an existentialist...because sometimes, he just cannot. be. bothered.

En la Place Royale to meet his amie, Dorante.

En la Place Royale to meet his amie, Dorante.

Tech for The Insurgents by Lucy Thurber

Husband at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Husband at the Bonneville Salt Flats