Scott Wentworth as Mark Rothko
 The painter in his studio, late 1950s
  James Dean and Pablo Picasso.   Images of Picasso in this boat necked striped shirt are what made it iconic.  He is said to have adopted it from the fishermen he observed along the Cote d’Azur.
 I wanted to make a version for Ken like the one that James Dean wears in Dennis Stock’s book,   James Dean Revisited .  We carefully composed our version from several modern shirts.
 This project was an opportunity to work with Jay Sullivan again – a great actor and collaborator.   You can see more pics of him in   Orestes:  A Tragic Romp .
 The actors playing Rothko and Ken prime a canvas together onstage.  It is a thrilling moment.   The smell of the paint envelopes the theatre.  Then there is the aftermath for the clothes.  Since we were using vintage trousers on our actors, we had six pairs in rotation for each.   One has to be careful not to become obsessed with the continuity of paint splatter...
 Jackson Pollock in his Springs, NY studio.  Photograph by Arnold Newman
 Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg in one of the lofts they shared in the mid 1950s.  You can almost smell the whiskey and cigarettes.   
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